Friday, 11 May 2007


Here's a few trivial things about me...

Favourite Theme tune to a TV show or Movie: The original Mission Impossible theme :-)
Favourite author: Difficult, but I'd have to go with Terry Pratchett
Least favourite food: Shellfish and rice pudding. Not together, you understand (actually that thought's made it even worse!)...
A fact people don't know about me; I like to wake up early
Dislikes: I dislike extremist viewpoints of any colour/creed/religious or political belief. While people are intolerant of others, there will always be strife, conflict, and suffering...
If I went on Desert Island Discs, the ten songs/recordings I would take are:
  1. One, by U2
  2. Life Is Sweet (live version), by Maria McKee
  3. Overture to The Magic Flute; Mozart
  4. Home, by Leona Naess
  5. Rock & Roll, by Led Zepellin
  6. Sugar Mice, by Marillion (With Steve Hogarth singing, rather than Fish...)
  7. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, by U2
  8. Who Are You, by The Who
  9. Boom Boom, by John Lee Hooker
  10. The Ying Tong Song, by The Goons
The place, other than home, where I feel most at peace; Ireland
One thing I'm passionate about: Music
One thing I think we have too much of: TV made for the lowest common denominator (I'm thinking reality TV and shows that rely on people calling/texting telephone numbers to vote on)

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