Thursday, 25 October 2007

Heathrow Terminal 5

A few weeks ago, I volunteered to take part in the trials of the new Terminal 5 at Heathrow. Well, today was the day. It was the twelth of some 70-odd trials that they're planning to make sure the systems all work. Why did I volunterr? Well, I fly a fair mount for my job, so it's quite probable thet I'll be going through there in the near future as a "customer", so a chance to get a walk through is nice. Also, I think it's a good idea to get the systems fully tested by "normal" people (me? normal?!?). Plus, I was interested to see what it was like without hordes of people around :)

So,what was the day like? Well, it ws interesting and fun... We all got to play at being passengers trying to check in, go through the transit system to the satellite gates, be a transfer passenger trying to find a connecting flight, and finally an arriving passenger trying to find our way out. Now, the terminal still has a fair bit of work to go, and there's still quite a few bugs in the system. For instance, a few people from our group got lost and went the wrong way when trying to find their connecting flight. Also, a number of signs should really be moved to make then easier to see or more useful. I hope they get these issues sorted out, otherwise people will complain. Generally, though, I think the departures is really nice. There's lots of glass, meaning you get natural light. This is a big improvement from the other terminals. Also, the fact that there's no specific check-in desks for partcular flights means the concourse should be a lot easier to navigate. I'm actually looking forward to using this terminal next year.:)

Still, time for dinner. It was a fun way of spending a day off. I may see if I can get on another trial day closer to the day. The only bad thing? They wouldn't allow us to take photos!

Sunday, 21 October 2007

A Good Weekend

On the Beach
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It's now Sunday afternoon, and it's been a great weekend. Okay, so England didn't win the final last night, but they can still hold their heads up high for having come so close....

So what was good about the w/e? Well, I got to meet up with my fellow Froggers from the Radio 4 PM blog in Bournemouth. It was strange at first to meet up with people who you only know through a blog, but after a few minutes, it was as if we'd know each other years. I've posted a few of the photos up on Flicker so far, and I'm sure Fifi and the others will add theirs soon.

Then, this morning, I tried missing out on the cream application for my psoriasis after I showered at the gym. Now, a few months ago, this would've led to problems withing 10 minutes or so. Not any more! I've noticed recenty it's been looking better. Now, it really does seem to be getting significantly better. For someone who's had this condition for 10 years or so, that's a BIG thing.

Now, I'm just relaxing for the rest of the day, and I've got a short week too!

Pass the Cabernet Sauvignon, someone!

Monday, 8 October 2007

Paris, Rugby, and Cooking

So, I used the Eurostar to go across to Paris last week for work. It felt weird not having to fly for once, but for the extra 40 minutes or so that it added to the journey time, it actually felt more relaxing. I've suggested that we use it more often, particularly after it moves from Waterloo to St Pancras...

What a weekend for the Rugby World Cup! I'm still on a buzz after the England - Australia result, and as for France/NZ, and Argentina/Scotland, it's really shaping up to be a great competition! :) Strange to think that England were written off a month ago. I had my doubts we would even make the quarter-finals, and now we're in the Semis, and with a real chance to get to the final! Can my nerves take it?!?

Finally, can anyone answer why cooking can be so relaxing and fun? It amazes me that people find it so hard to cook even the simplest meal. My current favourite recipes: Chicken with lemon, paprika, & soy sauce; Sunday Roast, braised Steak au Poivre, and my own take on Spaghetti Bolognase. My mouth's watering just thinking of them all!