Saturday, 26 April 2008

Budapest again

Budapest at night
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Well, I had to do another trip to Budapest this week, to follow up with one of the new accounts I met last time I was over there. This time it was a "there'n'back" trip (where I fly out and back the same day) so I didn't get any chance to see any sights. Instead, here's a photo from my trip last month...

As for the travel, it all went well, until I left Luton to drive home. Not only are the roadworks on the M1 *still* going on, but they also decided to close part of it southbound that night. The detour may only have been a few miles, but the traffic slowed to about walking pace. I think it must've added about 45 minutes to the drive, so I got home close to 1am Friday morning. Of course, by the time you've driven for a few hours, you're awake from the concentration, so sleep doesn't come easily, even if you're tired.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Well, it's been a tumultuous few days in English rugby.I'm not going to come down off the fence bout the changes until after they've played under the new system. No, what this posting is really about is me with a big smile on my face as I've got a ticket to see 'Quins play their last home math of the season! Now, here's to a good day out (and hoping we beat Sale that day)...