Saturday, 26 April 2008

Budapest again

Budapest at night
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Well, I had to do another trip to Budapest this week, to follow up with one of the new accounts I met last time I was over there. This time it was a "there'n'back" trip (where I fly out and back the same day) so I didn't get any chance to see any sights. Instead, here's a photo from my trip last month...

As for the travel, it all went well, until I left Luton to drive home. Not only are the roadworks on the M1 *still* going on, but they also decided to close part of it southbound that night. The detour may only have been a few miles, but the traffic slowed to about walking pace. I think it must've added about 45 minutes to the drive, so I got home close to 1am Friday morning. Of course, by the time you've driven for a few hours, you're awake from the concentration, so sleep doesn't come easily, even if you're tired.

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