Saturday, 15 September 2007

A sleepy saturday in September

Okay, so first off, apologies for not posting sooner, but there wasn't really much to say! As with most summers, work was fairly quiet as the rest of Europe went on holiday. Plus, half our office was out too, it being school holidays, so there wasn't much happening.

As for now, I'm in the middle of a blitz-clean of the house.Not for any specific reason, mind you, except it needs it. It's amazing how quickly it all accumulates. At least it'll mean I can relax tomorrow:)

I'm still going to the gym. It's been over a year since I re-started, and I'm actually getting into it! So far, it's averaging out to between 3 and 4 times a week that I go. I tend to do the early morning sessions as it's emptier then. It alo means that I tend to see a regular bunch of faces there. That sort of helps with the "psoriasis" sort of thing. If people see me regularly, they tend to ignore it. Plus, I can't really do a meaningful lunchtime session with the time it takes to get there, work out, have a shower, smear on all the cream I have to apply after a shower, then get back to work all in an hour! It's a nice bunch of staff down there, though. Always making you feel welcome:)

Anyway, time for me to get cracking on the main bedroom. I want to get the whole of upstairs done before I finish....

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